CarPro Kit Maintenance Bag

CarPro Kit Maintenance Bag

The kit includes CarPro's critically acclaimed Reset maintenance wash shampoo, the incredible Reload sealant which amplifies gloss, adds slickness, and added protection, and the extremely versatile CarPro PERL for use on plastic, engines, rubber, and leather. A bottle of ECH2O waterless wash, Bugout bug remover, a CarPro Boa towel, and instructional booklet on how to use the maintenance products are also included.

The entire kit is contained in an attractive, functional leather carrying bag. It will fit nicely into any trunk, and double as the perfect car show companion.

CarPro's Maintenance Kit Bag contains:

  • Maintenance Bag
  • 100ml Reset Maintenance Shampoo
  • 100ml Reload Inorganic Sio2 Sealant
  • 100ml PERL (Plastic, Engine, Rubber, & Leather Sealant)
  • 100ml Bug Out (bug and grim remover)
  • 100ml Echo2 Quick Detailer
  • Plush orange CarPro Boa towel (350 gsm)

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