Rupes 2" Air Polisher

Rupes 2" Air Polisher

The Rupes TA50 Mini Random Orbital Polisher touts a spec-sheet reminiscent of a high performance F1 racing engine! Random orbital machines have been around for decades, but this one is appealing because it is small, lightweight, and spins its backing plate lightning-fast.

The performance limits of this compact tool are not yet known, but rest assured: there's a grip o' guys out there ready to run it like they stole it.

The Rupes TA50 dances the Two-step.
This machine simultaneously creates two separate motions that combine to deliver a fantastic polishing result. How does it work? I'll attempt to explain.

If you were to grab ahold of the TA50's backing plate and give it a flick in either direction, the backing plate would free-spin, eventually coming to rest. The backing plate is able to rotate freely and at a random rate because it is bolted into a bearing-mounted spindle. As you fire up the TA50, its motor force-drives the backing plate along a tiny orbital path. Dynamic factors including speed, pressure, friction, bearing load, and orbit size combine to determine the frequency and direction of backing plate rotation.